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Welcome to our small dog rescue! KanineKids is located in Atlanta and is a private, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) Our mission is for the purpose of providing for, and for promoting the wellfare, protection and humane treatment of animals. In other words, save dogs from euthanasia and abusive environments. We are a state licensed animal shelter.

We rescue small dogs, pure and mixed breeds. KanineKids is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Happy Endings!

Success Stories from KanineKids Placements...

Petunia's story
I fell in love with the Pug breed when I was a little girl and always dreamed that someday I would have one of my very own to love. When the time was right to adopt, I came across little Petunia's adorable pictures on the Kanine Kids website and immediately fell in love and applied for her adoption. She is now in her forever home and is a very loved and pampered little Pug! My husband and I just adore her and she is the light of our lives! Thank you Kanine Kids and especially Jane, for my beautiful baby girl and for all the wonderful work you do for our dog friends! Sincerely, Suzanna Dwyer (Petunia's proud Mom)
Teko & Zoya's story
Thirteen months ago Teko and Zoya became a new part of the Hayes' family. They are pure joy and a delight in the incredible bonding friendship they have brought to our family. I was told my new twins (my Chihuahuas) might be a bit shy, and would not be very playful since they have gone through multiple homes in their past. However through the loving hearts of my family, Teko and Zoya knew it was a true forever home. My twins are very certain that home is forever now. And oh my are they ever happy. To those who may think the saying is true that you can not teach an old dog new tricks, beware it is not at all true. Teko and Zoya are the essence of young puppies in a rebirth of joy. They are very active and playful dogs. Zoya has learned to dance and fetch toys. Teko loves to run, play hide-n-seek, and tag-you're-it. They are awesome with children, and love to play with more energy than I think my sons have. I just want to thank you again for the new family additions that you have brought my home. Teko and Zoya are truly a blessing, and we are so very grateful that they are a part of the Hayes' family.
Ace's story
We've always had a dog in our home, but in September 2006, our vizsla (age 7) died very unexpectedly devastating us all! We had never been without a dog! In shock, we moved through the fall still grieving the loss of our beautiful, sweet dog. In early December, we couldn't stand it any longer and began browsing rescue web sites looking for a young Boston Terrier. We came upon Kanine Kids and a sweet little mug named Ace. After completing the application, we were told that many people applied for him, but we were second in line. Our hearts broke again and we wrote-off ever meeting little Ace. To our surprise, the first home didn't work out and we were offered the opportunity to adopt Ace. On our adoption day, we were happy to meet the little whirling dervish that showered us with kisses and to our children's great delight, Ace loved them at once. Ace is happy playing ball or running to catch "his boys" or curling up on your lap for a little snooze. He has brought great joy to our home again and we are so glad we rescued instead of purchasing a "baby dog" from a breeder. He is so perfect for our family. In one short month, Ace has traveled to Grandma's and St. Simons Island beach (twice) where he always makes lots of doggy friends and steals the hearts of their people. Thank you Kanine Kids for making our family complete again!
Mia's story
This is the story of Mia and Olivia, our 2 boston terriers that we rescued from Kanine Kids. We already had 2 bostons, Maggie and Morgan, but they were getting older and I had the "puppy bug". I came across the website in Dec. 2005 and fell in love with Mia (formerly "Chutney"). Mia was rescued from a puppy mill and had obviously spent her life in a cage as she was unable to even walk up and down steps and was terrified of everyone. The one thing she did not fear was other dogs. So it was a great fit since she had our other 2 dogs for company. Slowly but surely, she began to trust us and her "puppy" side came out. She was wild and ran everywhere! She drove our old girls NUTS! So after about 6 mos. of dirty looks from Maggie and Morgan, we decided what Mia needed was another young dog to play with. I went right back to the Kanine Kids website and saw Olivia. Olivia was picked up as a stray (and after having her home 2 days and her escaping more than once, I see how that happened!) She was obviously someone's baby b/c she knew right away how to get under the covers of the bed and if you sat down, she was immediately curled up in your lap. She and Mia hit it right off and have been inseparable ever since! The old saying "be careful what you wish for" applies here b/c they are constantly racing and chasing and rolling all over the house. But now my old girls have some peace and quiet and my young girls are going strong! We also have a cat so the animals in the house officially outnumber the people! They are such a huge part of our family---eat, sleep, ride in the car with us--my daughter and son even refer to them as their "sisters". Thank you Kanine Kids for completing our family! The Galentines (L-R in picture is Maggie, Morgan, Mia, and Olivia)
Jill's story
We have had Jill (formerly known as Chessie) for over 7 months now and she's such a sweet and pretty girl. She was extremely quiet and shy when I first met her but as time goes by she gets better and better. She is still warming up to her new daddy but is really attached to her new mommy and loves her new brother Jack. Jack is teaching Jill how to play with toys, jump and lick! They love wrestling and snuggling with each other! Thanks for everything! Thanks, Meagan & Chris
Nyles's story
My boyfriend, John, and I adopted Nyles when he was about 6 years old. We think he is about to turn 7, but he is still full of tons of energy and LOVE!! We have so many pictres of him that it was difficult to find one to send! Coming from such a tramatic experience, he now knows how to let people spoil him absolutely rotten and love him to pieces. He has traveled all over the country by car and by plane. He's been on camping trips, to sporting events, and many trips to pet stores! My family back in the midwest looks forward to seeing him and always gives him tons of toys and treats upon arrival. We also recently rescued a 1 year old black lab and they get along great. Of course, Nyles has established he is the older and wiser of the two! John and I have experienced enriched times and many memories because of Nyles. We look forward to having many more and giving him the best possible life ever! Thank you Kaninekids for letting us show Nyles what a great companion he is and for always having his special smile greet us everday! Thank you so much! Lindsey and John
Drake's story
My partner and I had been looking for a rescue dog for months when we came across Drake on the KanineKids website. When we met Drake, and he took turns running into our arms, we knew right then he was the dog for us. He loves to go for walks and play, and keeps us well exercised. He is also content to sit on the couch with us and watch television while we take turns petting him. This dog has brought so much joy into our home. I recommend KanineKids to anyone looking to adopt a dog.
Mona_Lisa's story
She is the BEST dog! Once she calmed down and got used to her surroundings and Greg and I, she has become a different dog altogether! She has actually gotten to know our schedule enough to where she goes and gets in her crate without me having to ask. I can't even pick up my car keys to move them without her running (I do mean RUNNING!) to get into her crate. She plays very well with my daughter and will even tolerate Audrey trying to ride her like a horse( which we have quickly put a stop to!) She has gotten used to a leash but we have actually started putting a fence up (it will be done this weekend) so she won't have to go on the leash anymore. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Mona. Life here would definitely not be the same without her!
Barkley's story
I am the proud new Mom of Barkley, I was searching for a PUG originally like my sister's dog and ther eweren't any available at that time. I was browsing and browsing and came upon Boston Terrier in the network........I admit I had asked about alot of different dogs but for some reason came back to Barkley over and over again. I thought he lookied like alittle old man LOL with sad eyes. Weary one would say. After careful consideration, Miss Penny and another person called me and said they thought Barkley would do well with me..I had said yes to bring him over. When Miss Penny first came over with him, he was so skinny, very quiet, and had a real nice way of turning his nose up at people and pretend to not hear them. I just loved him lol he was so scared and cute same time. My kids were around and said we love him can we keep him. we all agreed for Miss Penny to leave him on a trial basis and if before 5 days we could call and give him back if he didn't fit in. I had thought Barkley was deaf because he didnt respond to voice commands or noise at all........about 3 days later after alot of nurturing and love and snuggling which by the way he is a LAP DOG FOR SURE! Well it has been going on for over 2 weeks now.........he smiles, he barks, he knows how to sit, lay down, speak, and shake paws.......come and wanna go for a ride and HE DOES TOO LOL! he loves to sleep way under the covers, he is still very clingy and nervous at times and is adapting to smal children he doesnt care for people to be all up in his face but he is learning we all love him.......he has never had an ACCIDENT EVER and is so good about barking to go out. HE is just a JOY to have and love him and thank you all for letting me be his mommy. When my sister moves out with her PUG I am thinking of getting him a GF lol so keep your eyes open for her story someday:) Thanks Penny and Kanine Kids! Elisa
Griffey's story
I adopted Murphy back in June 2003 (see "Murphy's story" in the photo album). He has been such a joy that we decided to get him a buddy. Griffey (previously known as "Fitzy") came into our lives in January 2006. He had a mouth infection, eye infection, ear infection, his hair was shaved off due to a serious flea infestation, he was skin and bones, and he growled every time we touched him. My husband and I were skeptical about whether we wanted to take on a dog with so many medical problems. Murphy had been so easy- were we up to so much work? What a blessing that we decided to keep this precious Boston. It only took two months of training, good nutritional food, and lots of spoiling to go from homeless dog to a wonderful family member. I am sending a photo of Griffey (he is obviously eating well now!). Thanks so much for our wonderful little Bostons. We will never be the same!
Sissy's story
Soon to be divorced and a bit lonely, I decided that I should adopt a dog, in addition to my three cats. I love my cats, but I have always had a dog as a pet, with the exception of the last five years. I missed a canine companion! Through searching on the Internet, I found Kanine Kids. Beautiful little souls were available for adoption! I chose to investigate adopting Sissy, a cute little poodle/terrier mix. Jane, one of the volunteer foster parents of Kanine Kids, did a wonderful job of describing Sissy’s personality to me. Jane contacted me very soon after I expressed an interest in Sissy. It meant a lot to me that Jane was willing to correspond with me via email many times before the decision was made that I appeared to be a good candidate to adopt Sissy, and that Sissy would be a good fit with me. Via email, Jane sent me more pictures of Sissy, described her pre-adoption situation, and detailed her personality to me to ensure that I would know as much about Sissy as I could prior to making the decision to adopt her. Jane answered my questions and concerns thoroughly. Her observations and insight into Sissy were right on! Another thing that impressed me about Kanine Kids was the fact that Jane checked out the medical care of my cats. She ensured that their vaccinations were up to date. I liked her thoroughness. After I decided to adopt Sissy, and Jane decided I was a good candidate for adopting Sissy, Jane delivered Sissy to me and stayed with me a couple of hours. She went over all the documentation about Sissy, including guiding me through the process of registering her embedded chip (used to locate her). I was surprised and very happy that Kanine Kids had done so much for Sissy since they rescued her from the Pound!!! She had been to a veterinarian for a thorough checkup in which she was given both flea/mosquito/tick protection that is applied to her monthly and oral medication for heartworm. She had been taken to another vet for a dental checkup where she had a tooth or two pulled. She had been spayed, groomed, and a pet locator chip implanted so that I could locate her in case something happened. She came complete with her tags, a collar and leash, and all the paperwork documentation for the great medical care Kanine Kids had provided her! Since I have gotten Sissy, my home has come alive! She is so much fun and perfect for me! She is my buddy. Sissy and the cats greet me happily when I come in the door after work, Sissy hangs out with me when I am home. She is the most affectionate animal I have ever had - she even sleeps with me! I thank Jane and Kanine Kids for making Sissy available for me to adopt. I love her, and she loves me. Heck, even the cats get along with her! Sissy is a wonderful little animal that I did not adopt blindly. Kanine Kids gave me vital information about her prior to my making my decision that could have only been known by being a foster parent to Sissy. Sissy was thoroughly checked out medically, and Kanine Kids went over and above anything I expected them to do by having her spayed and the chip implanted, not to mention having her on current medication - even having her teeth taken care of! I found the perfect little dog for me and my pet family through Jane and Kanine Kids! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt an animal.
Bean's story
Scruffy's story
Scruffy, a tiny 13 year old male Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, was seen by a motorist being thrown from a speeding car on a highway. When Scruffy was thrown, he was blind, severe skin allergies, underweight, parasitic, and arthritic in his hind quarters. The motorist called animal control and waited until they got there before moving on. Fortunately, and miraculously, tiny Scruffy sustained no fractures or injuries from being thrown away. I adopted Scruffy from Kanine Kids a little over a month ago. He has since had cataract surgery in his right eye, his left eye has vitreal degeneration and cannot be corrected. He is now a big and healthy 6.1 lbs. His left eye, during cataract surgery, rejected an artificial lens to help make him almost-to-normal sighted which will leave him as >being what we think of as far-sighted if his eye is able to clear up. He's an energetic little guy, is enthusiastic when his new Mom comes home from work and is always eager to be picked up to give her lots of tiny kisses. He's truly a miracle and is precious as gold.
Buttons's story
I left you a message about how good Buttons has been. I love that dog so much; I am sooooooo glad that I looked at your web site that day. You have no idea how much good he has been for me. I brought him another ( I know I need a part time job just to buy for this kid. ) toy this past Friday, he has carried that toy everywhere, it has pretty much replaced his blue blanket. He takes it outside lays it down, does his business then picks it up and comes in. He was so tired this morning, I put him on the bed with the toy and I looked over because he was quiet. He was asleep with the toy in his mouth. He is so funny. Thank you so very much for him.
Dude's story
He is one of the joys of my life.....
Susie's story
I recently got a little kitty (10 weeks old) and her name is Helen. Susie and Helen get along great! In fact, when I first got Helen, Susie thought it was a wind up toy. Susie and Helen played together just about the entire day yesterday. Helen is getting bigger and I feel better leaving them alone; as Helen can now 'stick up for herself.' ... I think Helen instigates action with Susie; she must love being chased. Susie is a great dog, everyone who meets her likes her. My neighbor's grandson has a beagle and whenever their grandson comes to visit with his beagle, Susie goes over for playtime. So, Susie has a good home and seems happy to be living in Smyrna with her two sisters (Helen and my older cat Sophie).
Dylan's story
Wanted to send a pic and update on Dylan, or Dyllie Willie as he has been nick named by my daughter. He is such a joy. He proved to be quite the caretaker last year as I went thru chemo and radiation and logged many hours on the sofa. He was my constant companion. My oldest daughter had a baby in March of last year and we weren't too sure how he would do as he is the jealous type. He surprised us all with his Lassie like behavior. If Rayanne made the slightest peep he was up and running, from her to us as if to say, 'come you guys, she needs your attention'. As she has grown and become more mobile he just loves to give her kisses, and if he's not too sure of her moves he will just move out of her way. He is a beautiful loving boy who has brought so much to all of us!!
Maximillian's story
The old saying is "one never truly chooses a dog, that a dog chooses you"!!! When I laid eyes on Maximillian, I KNEW he was one special little guy. We had just put down an old family friend (cat) in one week and our 8 year old diabetic dog the next. Our two boys were devastated to say the least but one look at "lil' Max and the boys were in love. Max has truly blessed our home with unconditional love & excitement. He has such a personality and I believe he truly thinks he is a people just like us! We take him camping, hiking, fishing, boating (where ever we go - Max goes). I thank Kanine Kids for the great service they do for not only the public but for all the wonderful dogs out there that would not be able to choose families like us to share their love with. Thanks for making a great difference!
Sandyboy's story
I want you to know all about my beautiful boy. As soon as we got him, I knew his name had to be Sandyboy-his sandy color was just begging for that name. He learned the name in only a day or two. He is the sweetest thing in this world. He is happy as pie and healthy as can be. He has never missed a heartworm pill and he is kept up to day with vaccinations. My vet says he is a perfect picture of health. Remember my other 4 chihuahuas? They all love him too. He has 3 brothers and one sister. He likes all of them - they never fight or anything. They all play together- especially "chase" in the back yard. He likes the little girl the BEST! Go figure! He gives our thousands of squirrels a run for their money but he never quite catches one because they run up the trees and it makes him so MAD!!! He is as fast as a streak of lightening. This boy LOVES me-he is under my feet ALWAYS-he never takes his eyes off of me. My family laughs about it because they say I have a stalker! All 5 sleep in my bed so it's a good thing it is kingsize! He tinkled in the house a few times the first couple of weeks but he now only goes outside like a good boy. All of them are treated like kings. He may have had it rough for a little while but my vet says now he is treated better than royalty. They get all the good stuff-greenies, cheese from time to time, rawhides to chew, Iams food and biscuits, and yes, I admit a "little" bite of table food-Sandy's eyes almost pop out when I give him a bite or two of steak or turkey-he can't believe his luck!! And ALL of them love green beans and believe it or not collard greens!!!! He was so skittish at first and you could tell someone had mistreated him because he wouldn't trust anybody. Well, all that's over and he is SO LOVING! The routine before bedtime is for him to get his head right on my pillow with me and I swear he puts his arms around my neck. I pet him till my arm is falling off and then he goes on under the covers and sleeps all night. It's a RITUAL AND IT MUST BE DONE!! Well, anyway-he is a success!
Allie's story
I adopted Allie a Papillon Mix from KanineKids.com on March 27th, 2005. My fiancé’ and I live in South Florida and drove to Georgia to adopt this adorable angel we found on the internet. We already had another Pap Mix at home that we rescued in 2001 named Emmy (from Texas) and wanted to add to our family. Allie has been wonderful! She is the sweetest dog in the world! I had heard stories of her being returned and we can not figure out why, she is the best dog. My other dog Emmy was very unsocial to other humans and since we got Allie, Emmy has greeted other people and even jumped on their laps. Allie helped everyone in our family come together! My fiancé and I spend a lot of our time watching the 2 interact, it is the cutest thing, they are like sisters and look very similar. Thanks KanineKids for allowing us to find Allie and bring her into our lives. Allie is the smaller gal with antlers.
Murphy's story
I adopted my Boston Terrier Murphy (formerly known as "Elvis") from Kanine Kids back on June 18, 2003. Everyone told me that he was in need of some serious training! When I went to meet him for the first time, he was beyond excited. I knew he would need lots of training, but I was willing to be patient and teach him. I was not first in line for Murphy, but Kanine Kids thought I was the best fit. Come to find out, Murphy must have had some training… After just a few weeks, he sat on command, has never chewed, walks perfectly on a leash, does tricks, and is completely potty and crate trained. He is literally the joy of my life! Murphy and I have had our picture in Atlanta Humane Society pamphlets, in the AJC, etc. He is quite the show stopper! The picture I'm sending is of Murphy in his Bama jersey after Alabama lost the football game that afternoon. It doesn't get any more precious! Thanks for giving me the best gift imaginable. I hope that I will have sibling for Murphy some time in the near future. Alicia Kelly
Toby's story
Almost 1Wonderful Year With Toby- I have a golden retriever that I had adopted seven years ago. Almost a year ago, I felt from reading about and seeing Toby's picture with kanine kids that he would be a wonderful addition to the family. When I actually got to claim him as mine, I knew I adored him. I could not believe how cute and friendly he was. This smallest white tea cup Maltese had a charming spit fire personality. Sure enough, Toby has fit right into our family and never one minute of jealousy has occurred between the two dogs. Everyone that has met him adores him just as much as I do. He is wonderful with children and older adults as well. He is a lap dog warm and loving as well as a fiesty dog that wants to play and be active. I couldn't be more pleased with Toby and how well we have become a blended family. Thank you kanine kids for the happiness you gave me when I rescued Toby. I have recommended kanine kids rescue to many of my friends and will continue to in the future.
Mickey's story
Hello. I adopted one of your dogs last December. His name was Riggs and he is a Rat Terrier mix (SO CUTE). The way I came across him is that he was being fostered in the Highlands and escaped from his foster mom's fenced yard. I found him and instantly fell in love. Riggs (his name is Mickey now) is a constant source of joy for my fiancé and I. In fact, my entire family (and our other family dogs) loves him and they always tell me they would adopt him in a second. We can't wait until we move into our new house this summer, so Riggs can have a huge wooded backyard to share with our other two dogs (both breed rescues...one a Sheltie and one a Ridgeback). Anyways, thanks for helping me bring this little guy into the family.
Patches's story
I adopted Patches from KanineKids on February 1, 2004. While shy at first, she quickly felt at home becoming the most popular dog at the dog walk, despite being close to 14 years old (which I only found out from some vet papers they eventually found for her). She also gained back 6 lbs to become a healthy 19 lb Boston Terrier. She loved chewing raw-hide bones, especially the big ones which she used to steal from her cousin Jackson (an Irish Setter) when he would visit. Patches and I traveled to the St. Augustine where she discovered she like the surf, but not swimming and Ohio where (thanks to my mother) she discovered the joys of White Castle. Patches favorite thing was to sit on the couch and watch TV or on the down comforter on the bed while I read or studied. Seeing her when every time I opened the door when I got home was the highlight of my day – even if half the time she just looked at me and promptly went back to sleep. Unfortunately, after we returned from Thanksgiving, Patches was diagnosed with Cushing disease and then in mid-January Patches kidney’s started to fail. She passed away quietly on January 27th almost a year after she brought a joy I didn’t know I was missing
Dixie's story
Dixie became part of our family about two years ago. I had searched for the perfect dog for over six months when I finally saw her adorable face on the Kanine Kids website! Since our family consists of two young children, we needed a dog that would be gentle and patient. I wanted a lap dog and constant companion. Dixie meets all of those requirements and more! The moment she arrived it was as if she had always been with us. Dixie came straight into my arms and she is there every chance she gets! Most people can't believe how sweet and tolerant a dog she is. My children adore her, my husband spoils her and I couldn't live without her. Our family is now complete with Dixie, the peekapoo from Atlanta! We are grateful to all of you at Kanine Kids for everything you do for God's creatures. God bless!
Jake's story
I adopted Jake (formerly Zorro), a Chihuahua mix, on January 16th of 2004 from KanineKids.com and he has become a very important part of our family. Just recently, he became a big brother to a white teacup Chihuahua and the two of them practically act as if they're attached at the hip. Jake is extremely intelligent, loving, and protective of the family. When he was initially adopted, he was a very shy and timid boy, but once he realized we had nothing but love and kisses to give him, everyone that comes in contact with him describes him as outgoing and having a true zest for life. KanineKids was wonderful during the adoption process and I have recommended the organization to others time and time again. Thank you so much for providing me and my family happiness during a time of deep sadness last year (our other Chihuahua was killed a week before Christmas 2003 by a car). You guys are great!
Wang's story
> Thank you so much for bringing Wang (né Shandow) into our lives! > Matthew, Weenie and myself could never imagine life without him! > > So much has happened in the past few months since he joined the > family. We just got back from an assignment in Europe where, for four > months, we were primarily based in Denmark. The "kids", Matthew and > myself managed to fit in trips to various countries. Wang loved the > Munich Oktoberfest--or rather, he loved schnitzel and pretzel everyone > bribed him with to take pictures. He is now a staple of over a dozen > Japanese family photo albums. (Below is a picture of Wang at > Hofbrauhaus, the famous 400 year-old beer hall in Munich, wishing he > were posing with my schnitzel instead of my beer.) The house we > rented in the Aarhus > (Danish) suburbs was greatly enjoyed by the pups because of the big > yard and the birds and bunnies they got to chase. > > Before we got back to Atlanta city dwelling, we stopped to visit > family in Louisville, Kentucky--where Wang discovered his dislike of > horses and the horses discovered that, oh wait, they didn't care. We > also visited Phoenix, Arizona where the desert was made for > chihuahuas--70+ degree weather and sun is always a good thing. In > Phoenix, Wang met his cousin Max, a 95 pound female german shepherd, > who he proceeded to intimidate and to dominate. (Below is a picture > of him with the biscuit he stole from her. It was too big for him to > eat.) > > Wang developed a strong bond with Weenie very quickly. He treats her > deferentially and kindly (completely unlike the way he treats all > those "other" creatures unworthy of his greatness). When she almost > died from an acute pancreatitis attack back in June, he was despondent > while she was in the hospital. When she came home to convalesce, he > would constantly lay by her side, he would lick/clean her, and he > would bring her kibble. That last gesture was what won the hearts of > everyone in our family--even Weenie's. When he first arrived in May > she ignored him completely (which he did NOT like), but after he took > such good care of her during her illness--they are inseparable. > Before Wang, Weenie was an 11 year-old dog who acted like an 11 > year-old dog, but now she is a 12 year-old dog who acts like a puppy. > They sleep, groom and play together. She is, by the way, completely > recovered. > > Overall, 2004 was a wonderful year and 2005 is also looking > promising--more lake, more hikes, more beach, and more back yard, as > Matthew and I are in the market for a house. And, who knows, 2005 may > even bring more chihuahuas. :-) > > Many thanks again, > Cristina, Matthew, Weenie & Wang
Mr. Roos's story
Mr. Roos and I wanted to thank you so much for bringing us together. When he first came to live with me, Roos was recovering from heartworms, hookworms, ear infections and suffering from a pretty bad haircut. However, even from the start his sweetness and charm was apparent. Now, eight months later, Mr. Roos is in perfect health and is the best companion I could imagine. He charms everyone he meets with his cheerful tail-wagging and is always ready to accept a belly-rub. He's an excellent host and loves welcoming both human and canine guests to our home. Mr. Roos loves romping with his friends at doggie day-care and in Piedmont Park. In fact one of his best friends is Lulu, another Kanine Kids alum. From plane rides to long vacations with his grandparents in New Orleans, Mr. Roos is an excellent example of what a little TLC can do, even for a dog with heartworms. He's made such a difference in my life and I love him dearly. Thank you Kanine Kids!
Hobbes's story
We wanted to contribute to the happy endings page since we feel lucky to have found and adopted Hobbes into our home. As you know, he was at your shelter for about 3 weeks, and really wasn't very friendly for a while after we brought him home. He was a bit scared of the new surroundings, and not sure of our intentions. He quickly got used to even the slightest attention. We took your recommendation of an in-home trainer, and he is doing very well considering min pins can be hard to break at times. We were originally worried about how he would react to our African Grey as she is our first "kid". He learned quickly that she is not a food product, and they are even able to walk around together with supervision! He is the perfect addition to our small family and will be spoiled endlessly for the rest of his life.
Ben's story
We are blessed every day to have Ben (formerly Bubba) in our lives. Thank you so much to Laureen and Kanine Kids for taking him in two years ago, since at 120 lbs, he is not your average Kanine Kids Rescue J When Ben came to us, all of the things most dogs take for granted - walks in the park, living inside, playing with other dogs, tons of love and affection – where new to him. Ben came with his guard up to anything unfamiliar but we were patient with him. Just imagine trying to give a very scared and very large dog his very first bath! Now Ben is doing wonderfully. He is endlessly spoiled with love, toys, car rides, walks and anything else you can imagine. In return, he guards the bird feeder from pesky squirrels and is our official alarm clock. We love Ben and could not imagine our lives without him. We are forever grateful to you for bringing him into our lives. -Sara and Dave Glaser
Daisy & Buddy's story
Two Terriers are Terrific! The photo shows Daisy in the front and Buddy beside her. Daisy was found wandering the streets of Morningside without a collar. She quite luckily followed a lady who knew about KanineKids. After a stay with a wonderful foster family, I picked her up at a hair salon which was simply perfect because she is such a pretty girl! After about six months, it was apparent that Daisy would love a playmate. And, fortunately, Buddy was up for adoption through KanineKids. Bringing a second dog home can be a bit of a challenge, but for the most part it's been a major "wagfest"! The vet was able to give me a wonderful tip on handling the initial episodes of rivalry. It's been smooth sailing ever since! Both Daisy and Buddy are approximately three years old. They are chihuahua-terrier mixes who just love to run and play. Walking them on a common leash is just a barrel of fun! Already have one terrier? Trust me, Two Terriers are Terrific!
Elvis's story
Hello! This is" the king" of our household. His name is Elvis. We adopted Elvis on December 5, 2003. He was said to be about 2 years old at the time of his adoption. Even though its only been a year, it feels as if we have had Elvis since his birth. He is a big part of our family! It has been nothing but fun times with him. Since he is only 6 lbs, he comes everywhere with us. He loves to ride in the car with his head out the window and ears blowing in the wind. He also loves attention (which is something he gets constantly). He is so lovable!! My boys and I were so blessed to get the opportunity to adopt him. We talked for months about getting a pet. A co-worker of mine (Sean) introduced me to Kannine Kids. After about two months I gave up on finding the right doggie for us. About two months later I decided to go back on the Kannine Kids web site. The first doggie I saw was Elvis and the rest was history. That Saturday morning I was heading to Macon to meet "the king". It was love at first sight! I also would love to thank Ms. Jane Whitfield (Elvis's foster mom) for allowing my boys and I the pleasure of becoming Elvis's family. He is very special to us and we love him very much!!!
Armani's story
And then there was Armani! Five years ago I became a grandmother and guardian of my grandson Brandon. I had been thinking about getting him a playmate for a while. Then I found out about Kaninekids. Browsing through all the dogs was one of the hardest things, you just wanted all of them. Well there he was Armani just as cute as can be. I had my brother Sean foster Armani for about a month to see if he would fit Brandon's and my lifestyle. After many phone calls and pictures it was decided that Armani would be perfect for the two of us. So we made arrangements, filled out the paperwork and it was off to the airport to pick up Armani flying first class to Massachusetts. It has been one year now since Armani joined our family and you would think he has been a member of our family from birth. He is a perfect fit. Enclosed please find a couple of our latest photos ( Both Brandon and Armani are a couple of hams you take out the camera and they both stop to pose). Thank you, Kaninekids.
Chester's story
My husband and I agreed to foster Gradous, a little 2year old terrier (now Chester), until he was able to find a good home. During the time we were fostering we found out Gradous was agressive toward other dogs and sometimes humans. We took him to training classes where all three of us learned together. We then decided there was no way we would ever be able to give up Gradous. He is just too cute! We renamed him Chester and let him know he had a permanent home. Miraculously, his behavior changed and he is now a very sweet guy! He still wants to be the only dog in town but, is very trust worthy towards people and his two feline siblings. Now, just a little over a year later we often talk to each other about how lucky we got with such a fantastic dog. Thank you Kanine Kids!!
Maggie & Woody's story
My doggy story! In Oct of 2000, a freind referred me to the www.kaninekids.com website to look at some adorable puppies. When I saw Maggie, a chihuahua/pug mix on there at only a few weeks old, I knew I just had to adopt. Maggie was born 9/9/2000 and has grown to be a great great dog. She is fun, energetic and just all about loving. She ruled the roost until about October of 2003 when I decided that she could use a playmate so I started my search again. I got a call from Kaninekids, in Oct, that there was a great Boston Terrier, that was at the vet with a severe case of heartworm. He was rescued from a house in cobb county, very undernourished and had a severe case of heartworm. They were looking for a home where he could stay a while until he got better. I know laureen knew that once I had him, I would not want to give him up. After seeing Woody, and caring for him while he recovered, I found he was such a loving dog and I was not going to let him go. During his recovcery, Maggie kept a close eye out on him. As he slowly regained his strength and energy to play, they became great buds. You can usually find them camped out under the covers in my bed. As well, since 2000, I have helped several other friends and relatives adopt from Kaninekids. Elvis was adopted by one of my co-workers. Chester was adopted by another co-worker of mine and Armanie was adopted by my sister in Boston Massachusetts. All 3 are doing wonderful in there homes and I am so happy that I have been a part of these wonderful stories. Maggie: 16.7 lbs / Chihuahua-pug mix / Born 9/9/2000 Woody: 20.1 lbs / Boston Terrier / Born (approx) 1998
Misty's story
Alissa and I adopted Misty (formerly Lacey) from KanineKids.com this past July. Just the other night we couldn't believe it had only been 4 months! She is such a part of our family already. The first day we met her she had just been spayed, had 9 teeth removed, and was still coming out of her medicine. She was very sore, yet still managed to wag her tail during our meeting. We could already see her personality coming through. Misty is a very sweet dog that loves to be loved. Her favorite pastimes are playing with her toys, walking in the park, going for car rides, and curling up with someone for a nap. In a few weeks, she will be taking a trip up North to Michigan to meet her "cousins" Sadie (golden retriever/black lab) and Sierra (husky). She has been a blessing to have and care for. I hope many others have the priviledge and opportunity to adopt from KanineKids.com as we have.
Buddy's story
My husband Justin and I adopted Buddy, a dachshund terrier mix, from Kanine Kids in February of 2004. He is up to 17 pounds and is loving life. Buddy has been such a great addition to our family... Everyone remarks on his sweet disposition and his love to cuddle. He is the perfect dog for us. When I work from my home office, Buddy sits will sit at my feet most of the day, to keep me company. Thanks for letting Buddy come into our lives!
Ci Ci's story
My name when I was a Kanine Kid was Ci Ci. I am a schnauzer/border terrier mix. I came to you from the Henry County Program where I had been send back after my first adoption because I was a behavior problem. My forever family adopted me last year in October. This time I got a semi-retired couple who have a lot of time to spend with me. In deference to my checkered past, I now go by my alias, Sassy Knitter. Mommie talked to my vet who told her how to help me over come my issues. I now am a model citizen except when I forget and revert back to jumping. After all, I am part border terrier and we are full of zip. I spend my days terrorizing my brothers who are 100 pound boxer/German shepherds. I did mention that I had behavior issues, didn't I? Mommie has a little talk with me and I am good until something comes over me and I chase them all over the house. They are such teddy bears. Then I go out into my half acre fenced back year and chase squirrels. I feel a nap coming on after all that exercise so I cuddle up in a chair after I have my doggie treat. I go for car rides and go to the park to sniff around on my leash. I get to sleep on the furniture and in the beds. When I did this the first time I expected to get scolded but my family acted like I won the best in show at Westminister. I am the mascot for a Red Hat Society chapter. These gals are right up my alley. They like to eat!! I hope all my fellow Kanine Kids find the kind of home I did. It took me two tries, but I know this time adoption is not in my vocabulary. I am going to be loved for the rest of my life.
Bailey's story
Hi - in June 2002, I adopted Bailey (formerly known as Buddy) from KanineKids.com. Bailey has been an essential member of the family ever since and I could never imagine life without him. A truly loyal, happy, sweet, fun, well behaved dog, I could not be any more pleased and only wish I had the room and time to adopt 10 more just like him. My other dog Simpson agrees %100. They are the best of friends. Bailey is the brown dog on the left.
Niki The Chihuahua's story
I adopted Niki approximately 2 years ago. Niki and our family came together via a very long route. When we first got to see her, she was already adopted by someone else and she was on her way to their home that night. Long story short, their unwillingness to be patient has been the best thing that every happened to our family. When I brought Niki home from a PetSmart adoption to foster, she was exceptionally wary and afraid. But, with patience and kisses and hugs she has blossomed into an amazing, beautiful, loving little girl who is so full of energy and life. She has a fantastic sense of humor and brings such joy to my life. No matter how bad the day has been, when I get to her at the end of the day, everything is better. This is a photo taken in one of her favorite places (her car seat) this past winter. She is very stylish in her chenille sweater. I love her more than I can ever express.
do you have a happy ending story? send it to happy@kaninekids.com

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