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Welcome to our small dog rescue! KanineKids is located in Atlanta and is a private, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) Our mission is for the purpose of providing for, and for promoting the wellfare, protection and humane treatment of animals. In other words, save dogs from euthanasia and abusive environments. We are a state licensed animal shelter.

We rescue small dogs, pure and mixed breeds. KanineKids is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

KanineKids, inc.
P.O. Box 13206
Atlanta,Ga 30324
contact kaninekids.com

Adoptable Animals...
Note: These dogs are in foster homes. Many people ask "Where can I come see them all"... We have no facility. Completing the Online Application is the first step in the adoption process. The application is your way of expressing interest in a particular animal.

# 1142   age 2   Boxer   mmale     
Brody is an energetic, two year old, purebreed Boxer. He is friendly to all people and greets everyone with wiggles. Brody is housebroken and crate trained. Brody knows "sit" and "come," and his foster parent is working with him on other basic commands. He walks well on lead and is learning to sit and wait for his food. He really is a sweet boy who loves to be with people. Once tired, he loves to cuddle with you or just sit nearby. He is good with other dogs of all sizes, but he doesn't like to share the petting. He tries to nudge the other dog away so he can get all the lovin'. Though he has had limited exposure to cats, he has shown little interest in them. When excited, Brody may jump up on people, and his foster parent is working on this behavior. Because of his jumping and high-energy personality, Brody would do best in an active home with older children. He would benefit from an experienced owner who can provide him with strong leadership and training. Brody is fully vetted, neutered and ready to give his new family years of love and fun. Please apply online for the incredibly handsome Brody.
# 1141   age 4   Chihuahua   male     
Without a doubt, Zach is one adorable little fellow! At 4 years old, he is a mellow guy who enjoys spending lots of quality time lounging around and contemplating life as a dog. Zach weighs about 10 pounds, so because of his little size, no small children, please. He is a bit timid, so it takes him a little time to fully bond with a person, but once he does, he is as loyal as can be. Being a bit of a ladies' man, Zach seems to prefer females. He can also be a little fearful at times, so he needs a patient someone to coax him out of his shell. Zach gets along well with other dogs and just does his own thing around them. He is fully vetted and neutered, and he's packed and ready to be adopted into his forever home. If you are interested in Zach, please apply online.
# 1138   age 5   Chihuahua   male     
This little charmer is Toby! He is a 5-year-old Chihuahua, and his absolute favorite hobby is to sit in your lap and be loved on. He weighs about 12 pounds. Toby has a wonderfully sweet personality, and he is very devoted. He would love to sit next to you and watch tv, and he promises he won't ever try to change the channel on you. Toby is fully vetted and neutered, so all he needs now is his forever home. Toby and Tabi were surrendered together, and they adore each other. Because of his petite size, no small children, please. If you are interested in making Toby part of your family, please apply online.
# 1135   age 1   Corgi/Jack Russell mix   male     
Introducing Harrison, our newest canine member. He is a youngster at only 1 year of age and weighs a mere 8.5 pounds. Along with his over the top adorable looks, Harrison has a wonderful personality. He absolutely loves other dogs, and he is fully vetted, neutered, and even microchipped! Harrison is a Corgi/Jack Russell mix, and both of those breeds are well known for their intelligence, so imagine all the fun tricks that you could teach him. Even though he loves children, he is a little mouthy at times when he's playing, so no small children, please. Please apply online for the adorable Harrison.
# 1134   age 2.5   Chihuahua   male     
Peanut has a face that you immediately fall in love with and beautiful brown eyes. He is a 2.5-year-old Chihuahua, and he weighs about 9.5 pounds. Peanut is the brother of Pebbles, who is also available for adoption. Peanut is quite shy, so he will need someone who is understanding and patient in order to help coax him out of his shell. When you put our your hand to him, Peanut will come over and wag his tail while he licks your fingers, and once he's comfortable with you, he is a total snuggler and returns any affection with lots of sweet kisses. Recently he has begun to enjoy the age old dog tradition of snuggling on the couch. Peanut does well with other dogs, and he is fully vetted and neutered. Because of his shyness, no children under 10, please. Peanut has a wonderful personality that shines through once he is comfortable, and he is quite a comical little guy. He will twirl around and around for treats. Peanut is also crate trained! Please apply online for Peanut.
# 1133   age 2.5   Chihuahua   female     
Pebbles is a 2.5-year-old completely adorable Chihuahua. She is 11.5 pounds of love and devotion. She has the most expressive eyes, and when she looks at you, you can see her blind devotion to you. Pebbles was surrendered along with her brother Peanut, who is also available for adoption. Pebbles' favorite activity is snuggling, so she loves couch time! Pebbles is the definition of a lap dog and is at her happiest cuddled up to you. She is fully vetted and spayed, so she's excitedly awaiting her forever home and a cherished spot on your couch. Pebbles is also crate trained! If you are looking for the perfect companion, look no further because Pebbles is it!! Please apply online for Pebbles.
# 1131   age 1   Bichon Frise   female     
This fluffy little girl is Terri Beth. She is a 1-year-old Bichon Frise and weighs about 13 pounds. Terri Beth's previous owners did not have enough time for this beautiful baby, (can you imagine?) so she spent a lot of time left alone outside. She is now living a life of luxury in her foster home, and we will soon update her pictures once she's had her spa day. Terri Beth is afraid of small children, so she needs an adult only home. She is fully vetted and spayed, so she's ready and excited to go to her forever home. Please apply online for Terri Beth.
# 1129   age 6   Miniature Poodle   male     
Looking for a lap dog to adore you beyond all reason? Maurice is your guy! This little prince is a small miniature poodle, weighs about 7.5 pounds and is estimated to be 6 years old. He is a calm, trusting boy and would be an excellent TV watching or reading companion. He gets along with the dogs in his foster home but is far more interested in people. After consulting with a veterinary opthamologist, we've determined that there is nothing we can do to restore his sight. But Maurice is not concerned at all since he gets around very well by sound and smell. He does need to be taken out to potty several times a day since he hasn't mastered the doggie door and ramp. He was also diagnosed with a moderate heart murmur. He may go his whole life and have no problems with the murmur, but affordable medications are available to treat the condition should he need them in his senior years. He is fully vetted, on flea and heartworm prevention, and has had a dental. Maurice is crate trained and has worked hard on his housetraining. He has been a joy to have in his foster home. Maurice is looking for a forever home that will love and care for him like the little prince he is. Please apply today if you need a little companion to adore you!
# 1110   age 9   Boston Terrier   mfemale     
Meet Oblina! She's an incredibly sweet 9-year-young Boston Terrier with great house manners. Oblina weighs 17 pounds, and she loves people and gets along well with other dogs. Oblina is looking for a new home because her owner had too many dogs according to a county ordinance. She has been very well taken care of and has received lots of affection throughout the years. Her favorite hobby is going for rides in the car! She is fully vetted and spayed, so please apply online to adopt Oblina.
# 1105   age 2.5   Chihuahua   female     
Meet Jackie, a beautiful cream colored Chihuahua girl! She is 2 to 3 years old and weighs about 8 pounds. Her favorite things are kisses, snuggling, stuffed Kong toys, and a soft warm bed. She gets along with the small dogs in her foster home. She is working hard on her housetraining and making nice progress. She will use potty pads. She is fully vetted and spayed. Jackie is eager to give a new family all her love. Due to her small size, no small children please. Please apply online to adopt sweet Jackie.
# 1081   age 7   Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix   female     
Every bit as sweet as her name, SweetPea is a total package! She is a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix and is about 7 years old. SweetPea weighs about 10 pounds, so she is a petite size -- perfect for accompanying you around town as your own personal navigator. She is affectionate and friendly, so she would make a wonderful addition to any home. SweetPea also gets along well with other dogs. She is fully vetted and spayed, so all she needs now to make her life complete is you! Please apply online for SweetPea.
# 1059   age 1   Chihuahua mix   female     
Maria is almost 2 years old and a compact 12 pounds. Our guess is that she is a Chihuahua/Min Pin mix. She has the cutest spotted, virtually hairless belly. She is affectionate and will stand on her back legs and bat her feet at you to be picked up. This is a girl with attitude and energy to spare! She plays well with larger, tolerant dogs. She would benefit from a family that understands dog behavior and is willing to help her be the best companion she can be. Maria will not be placed in a home with cats, other small pets, or small children. Maria is house trained with the use of a doggie door. She is fully vetted, spayed, and ready for her forever family. To adopt Maria, please submit an application online.

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